5 Essential Winter Fashion Buys

I woke up this morning to single digit temperatures, it’s official, winter is on its way!

So with this in mind I thought I would come up with my essential winter fashion items for the man about town. These are staples of the male wardrobe so some of you may already have them, but you should always keep them topped up so you can bring them out this October:

  1. The tweed blazer : I am a big fan of blazer, mostly due to their adaptability for any occasion. And nothing says winter for my wardrobe more than a good quality tweed blazer think enough to keep you warm through Autumn as temperatures dip.
  2. A good boot: Whether it is a smart ankle boot, or something more casual, winter is all about the boots when it comes to foot wear. Protecting the ankles from a chill or from the splash of a puddle or snow, boots are essential menswear for winter.
  3. Leather gloves: Controversial to some, but to me you can’t beat a good leather glove. Fits and styles come and go but there is no glove more stylish than one made of leather.
  4. Chunky knitwear: Personally I am a fan of a cardigan over a jumper, but either way, a good selection of chunky knitwear is ideal for layering up in the winter time. It can be coupled with a shirt for something smarter, or a t-shirt for the casual look, on both occasions you wont have to worry about being cold.
  5. Head wear of choice: I am a man of little hair (by choice not by age!) So head wear for me is an important thing as temperature’s drop closer to zero. Personally I like a nice knitwear option, I tend to get a couple each year. I’ve dabbled with the flat cap option, don’t think it is for me. Choose one which suits your look and run with it.

So there’s my tips. Get that winter wardrobe up to scratch and no matter the temperature, you will be looking hot.

Its hip to be square!

Over the past few years I have become a big fan of blazers. Nothing fancy, nothing overly expensive, just nice fitting jacket paired with a crisp shirt or more regularly a well fitted tshirt for a strong smart casual look.

More recently I have taken this look one step further and made the move to pocket squares for a more formal occasion.  I am not generally a big accessoriser but have lover being able to double up a blazer as day or night wear with just the addition of a fancy hankerchief!

pocket squareMy go to colour for blazer is navy blue and I have a couple in different fabrics. But then I have a grey/brown mix to match with my favoured brown leather (shoes/belt) and a standard black too. I have not yet made the jump to a cream or light blazer, but who knows, it is summer after all!

Always coupled with either a good chino or denim and shoes fitting of the overall outfit. Give it a go, spruce up that outfit with a pocket square because its hip to be square.



Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Life is full of small stuff. The bus is late, you’ve lost your favourite tshirt, work isn’t going to plan today. Small stuff is precisely that, small. But it can be a major source of stress if you don’t recognise it as such.

I tend to suffer from stress for tiny periods. Primarily because I have developed methods for recognising when I am stressing over something insignificant and stop myself within a matter of minutes.

But all around me every day I see people who can’t do this. Who agonise over the insignificant, stress over the small, and boil at the benign.

They spend their days running from one ‘stress’ to another without realising they are wasting their lives, largely worrying about things which are irrelevant or out of their control.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.

Be careful what you wish for

Who would have thought my first ever blog post would have been about politics? It is a topic I actively avoid in general. Not because I don’t have my views, but because it is so divisive and it’s not as if somebody is going to change their political allegiance just because I tell them they are wrong.

But, hey. You can’t open a newspaper, website, or twitter without it being the topic of conversation so I may as well join in the debate.

The interesting for me is not what happens now (that is just down right scary), but how some gambles taken by a few key individuals with their own self interest at heart have led us here.

Desperate to maintain control

First there was David. In danger of losing his party as a divide between the right and the left began to develop.  And in danger of losing key seats in an election due to the rising prominence of UKIP. So he promised a referendum.

Boy did that backfire.

It was a calculated risk as he didn’t think he would actually lose the referendum, but one taken out of self interest for both his political party and his position as PM.  Has he not done so he could have lost a majority, or had he won faced a revolt from within which saw him losing his position.

Look where that got him.

Desperate for power

Gamble number two, up steps Boris. He oozes desperation to be PM, you can see it in his eyes (I wouldn’t look, it isn’t pretty).  And what better way than to prove his leadership credentials than to spearhead the Conservative right to a narrow loss in a referendum.  Lose this one, win the next one in the leadership race. Good plan.

His demeanour after he was victorious will be analysed by body language specialists for years to come and strung up as an example. Hardly the picture of victory was it!?

Of course it wasn’t because Boris never expected to win, and never wanted to. He doesn’t want to leave the EU any more than David Cameron, this was never about that.  And when he realised David was off and he would be left to clean up this mess he was clearly devastated.

Two gambles, one big mess

So these two gambles taken with pure self interest at heart from two individuals looks set to cost the general public significantly. David is off the hook for his (despite losing his job) but Boris now has a hell of a mess to clean up.

Both have them should have been more careful what they wished for. As they now know, it might just come true.